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On many occasions in life, we tend to overthink important decisions and worry about their outcomes. Have I thought this through? Have I done the due diligence? How can I be sure I am not going to be affected adversely? How long before I start seeing the impact of my decisions? Is this the best solution? And the toughest one to answer….What if my decision is wrong after all?

What if there is someone to guide through such important decisions in life? Astrology has been the guiding light for many in such decisions, right from The Royal Kings and Emperors of the world, successful businessmen and even our beloved Bollywood superstars – all have made life decisions based on advice from knowledgeable Astrology consultants. 

As an established astrologer, studied Visharad from ‘Indian Council of Astrological Science’, I am certified to look at all the aspects of your personal natal charts (Kundali) and help you steer through likely choices and best decisions. I can guide you to choose most favorable path in your life, be it about future education, career and job transfers, marriage prospects or partner compatibility, personal or dependent’s health, substantial financial investments or property to name a few. At times we just need some assurance about key decisions. I can calculate the probability of any particular incidents ever happening and affecting you or your loved ones, giving you mental and emotional strength for ups and downs in life. 

Life, as they say is a package with both success and failure combined. Like a day and night, one cannot exist without the other. Failure helps us realize the value of success and success gives us the strength and motivation to beat failure. As an astrologer I can keep you focused on achieving success by showing you the path and timelines for success. To tackle setbacks; current or foreseen, I can help you prepare you financially to brace for any impact. More importantly I will help you prepare mentally, reducing anxiety and intensity of any setbacks. With a solution in view, all setbacks can be slowly but surely changed to favorable outcomes. All I ask in return is your conviction and trust and I will walk together with you in your journey to achieve success and emotional wellbeing.

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    If you are not sure about your birth time, then kindly help me by mentioning some of your life events like Marriage, 1st job, property purchase, major accident, etc. which will help be to perform birth rectification.




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    Disclaimer: Astrological services are based on information given by clients and the Astrologer (author) is not liable and responsible for any correctness of analysis or any loss occurred due to the analysis as the same is given basis on the planet status as of the day of prediction.

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