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Changing your job, starting a business, buying a house or getting into a relationship are life-changing events. At times, we also feel stuck at a point in life, and try to find a way forward. We consult astrologers to be doubly sure, and to get suitable guidance for the time period. 


Tarot is a part of the astrological umbrella, with a different methodology. It makes use of your energies that are interpreted by the reader through a deck of symbolical cards revealing the possible outcomes. Energies are nothing but your recent and current emotional states which are connected to your queries.

For example, you have been thinking about your relationship with a person, and you’re unsure of their feelings and intentions towards the future. Some questions you might have are: “Should I commit to them or wait?”, “Will we be able to stay together in the future?”, “Are they putting in as much effort?” etc. You can ask these same questions to your tarot practitioner, and they will guide you by drawing cards for each of your queries.

Each card carries its own meaning. The Two of Cups indicates union of two souls, while the Three of Swords may point towards a heartbreak. However, their interpretation depends situationally; the Three of Swords does not always mean a break-up in a relationship. It also stands for disappointment caused by another, or even due to an unexpected turn of events. 

These meanings are embedded in the deck itself; each of the four suits stands for an element and major arcana have various stages of the life cycle depicted in their illustrations. It is your personality and your reader’s skill that brings out the message they carry for you and only you.

Tarot is helpful to those of us who would like to put a part of their life under the lens, and explore where their decisions can take them. As said before, the cards present possibilities based on your plan of action, hence they can show variations if you choose to adopt another method or another path altogether. 

It can also be very rewarding to those of us who want astrological guidance but do not have accurate birth details. The Vedic branches of astrology primarily rely on birth time and place to make their calculations may it be the birth chart, palm-reading, or Naadi. Tarot also makes use of the zodiac signs in relation to time-oriented questions but it does not depend on your sign.

“All you have to do is be open to your tarot reader.”


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Disclaimer: Astrological services are based on information given by clients and the Astrologer (author) is not liable and responsible for any correctness of analysis or any loss occurred due to the analysis as the same is given basis on the planet status as of the day of prediction.

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