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When to perform Lakshmi Puja

When should we perform Lakshmi Puja? So as per Shastra – Lakshmi Puja is performed when the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is also in Libra and transiting through Swati Nakshatra on the Tithi Amavasya when that Tithi is seen the rising Sun in the Lunar month of Ashwin and the Ascendant of the Transit chart (Kundali) is of a fixed sign (rashi).


The Sun starts moving to the next sign mid of each month and the Moon moves to the next sign every 2.5 days. Every month when these two planets come together in a sign, there is a dark moon which is known as Amavasya.


This year, Amavasya Tithi in lunar month Ashwin begins on Monday 24th of October at 5:28 PM and ends on Tuesday 25th at 4:19 PM.


Sun is in Libra since 18th October. Moon however enters Libra on Monday 24th from 11:33 PM to 6:31 AM on 26th and Moon moves into Swati Nakshatra from 2:17 PM on 25th to 1:24 PM on the 26th.


Therefore, according to Shastra, Lakshmi Puja should be performed on Tuesday 25th between 2:17 PM and 4:19 PM. But this year, due to the solar eclipse (Khandgras Grahan) on October 25, it is not possible to perform Lakshmi Puja by following these rules.


The observation of the solar eclipse starts at 3:30 AM on Tuesday and lasts till sunset on Tuesday. At this time, Sun will not come out of the eclipse before the sunset. All over India, it will be observed that the sun will remain affected at the time of Sunset.


Therefore, Lakshmi Puja cannot be performed on the day when there is an eclipse. Hence, Lakshmi Puja can be performed on Monday 24 October from 5:28 PM onwards.


In Muhurta, the first house of the chart (Kundali) is named as Ascendant (Lagna). The Muhurta of every auspicious work is done during the time when there is a fixed nature sign in that house of Transit chart. At the same time, while studying more deeply, the Ascendant sign (Lagna) of D-9 Navamsha Kundali is also given importance. The Muhurta is considered best when Ascendant sign is of fixed nature in both horoscopes.


Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Among them, Pisces Ascendant (Lagna) will be from 5:28 PM to 5:32 PM in Transit chart, 05:32 to 07:17 is Aries Ascendant and 07:17 to 09:17 is Taurus Ascendant which is considered to be most beneficial for worship as it is a fixed sign. Then from 09:17 PM to 11:30 PM is Gemini Ascendant.

In a Transit chart of Taurus Ascendant, fixed signs Ascendant of Navamsha chart are Taurus 20:27 to 20:29, Leo 20:56 to 21:10, Scorpio 21:39 to 21:53 and Aquarius Navamsha 22:22 to 22:37.
You can perform this year’s Lakshmi Puja according to the above information and according to your convenience.


** On Naraka Chaturdashi, Abhyanga Snan mhurta is at 5:20 AM


May this Diwali bring happiness, peace, satisfaction, wealth, and health in all of our lives!


* In this article the Timings are as per Indian Standard Time and are recorded as per the Date Panchang


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