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astrologer in pune

Mrunal Kulkarni

I acquired knowledge of Astrology from the renowned institute of Chennai, India. After successfully completing Visharad from their Pune Chapter, my endeavor into predictive astrology began. The Vedic science comprises of multiple disciplines (Hora, Nadi, Jaimini, Krishnamoorthy Paddhati, Palmistry, etc.) which are just varied paths to the same outcomes. Today, I offer services of prediction according to the Hora Shastra, which studies the planetary positions in one’s Kundali (birth chart). Along with prediction, I conduct private classes for those interested in learning; the skies speak to those who understand its mystical language.

Before I found my niche in Astrology, I served as a consulting Operations Head at ECS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Prior to that, I held the same designation at Infini Institute of Program Management Pvt. Ltd., primarily setting up the institute and its operations for its founders. Being the General Manager at Shridhar Rubber Pvt. Ltd, I was involved in expansions of the company. Vinson Eco Energy India Pvt. Ltd. was the milestone where I learned the ropes of the corporate culture to grow the company multifold.

All this corporate experience had a humble beginning in my own Event Management firm, Celebrations, which had a splendid run for six years.

My Guru

Shri K. R. Chari (National Vice President - ICAS)

A regular faculty in the ICAS chapters of Delhi & Pune, he is a master astrologer with numerous accolades like Jyotish Bruhadacharya, Jyotish Bhanu, Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Bhaskar, Jyotish Sri, Jyotish Acharya, and Jyotish Vachaspati. Along with vast knowledge of disciplines like Vastu, Palmistry, Karma Kand, and Numerology, he consults in the Jaimini system of astrology as well. His work on Tajik has been published in his book “Tajik Shastra – A guide to Annual Horoscope or Varshaphala”.A dedicated and devoted teacher of astrology, he is loved and admired by his teachers as well as his students for his clear concepts and in depth knowledge.

astrologer in pune

My Mentor

Mr. Mahesh Kudale (Director, MK GrandZenith Pvt. Ltd.)

He has over 24 years of experience in the finance sector, working in Mutual Fund distribution. My guiding light since I began working, he has been the person who always has my back. I always get inspired with his confidence and will-power to achieve success.  I owe him a lot for the independence and confidence I have gained and my goal is to become like him. 

astrologer in pune
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Disclaimer: Astrological services are based on information given by clients and the Astrologer (author) is not liable and responsible for any correctness of analysis or any loss occurred due to the analysis as the same is given basis on the planet status as of the day of prediction.

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