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Chinmayee Kulkarni


Being a Psychology graduate, I like to interact with people. My interest in psychology and in tarot comes from a curiosity to understand human nature: What makes us who we are? Though the brain is responsible for most of our mechanical processes, it is the soul, atman in Sanskrit, which holds our deepest desires. I intend to be a Psychotherapist in future, to help others understand their atman better. It might seem uncanny for the worlds of science and divination to collide, but remember science is the knowledge we have gained and the rest is open for discovery.

My first interaction with tarot happened via a friend of my family’s. The accuracy of her reading drew me into the world of tarot and I studied its origins. Each card holds its own significance and reveals, at times, things that lie right under our nose or in the subconscious. The intricate symbology serves as a guide in times where we cannot see ahead, each suit representing an area of our lives.

Though it may seem like a tarot reader only “sees” cards, it is more complex. Through my guru’s support and guidance, I gathered the impact carried by the cards. But it was my practice that taught me how each card changes meaning depending on the person it is read for. I welcome you to look at your world through the eyes of Tarot.


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Disclaimer: Astrological services are based on information given by clients and the Astrologer (author) is not liable and responsible for any correctness of analysis or any loss occurred due to the analysis as the same is given basis on the planet status as of the day of prediction.

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