Who should wear the Pearl?

We come across a lot of people sporting a pearl ring, and also get advised by loved ones and astrologers to wear one. This creates a stir in our minds…

“Should I wear a pearl? Of which shade? And the size?” “Should I prefer gold over silver? What difference would it make?” and the train of questions is neverending. Let’s find the answers to each of these.
Before proceeding, understand that wearing a pearl, or any precious stone for that matter, will not alter an individual’s innate behaviour, and any differences noticed may be temporary.

The answer to “who should” and “why should” questions is the same. Let’s tackle the “Why a pearl” question first.

In astrology, each planet is governed by a gem. In this case, pearls govern the Moon, which is the water element and coloured white. It signifies cool, calm and serene qualities. The colour white is symbolic of purity, simplicity, transparency, and cleanliness. A natural pearl forms inside a shell, which is found in water. A natural pearl is usually white (other colours exist, though rarely), which could be the reason it rules over the Moon. But similar to the planet, natural pearls aren’t bright white. It leans towards an off-white or a rosy pink tint.

The Moon rules over the mind. The human mind is quite sensitive and fickle. The timely and proper usage of a pearl can help transfer its calm characteristics to the mind.


The effects are very subtle. If the wearer is short tempered, a consistent touch of the pearl can bring an element of patience into their life. If one is depressed, or anxious, underconfident of decisions, or restless, the pearl usage can show more stability and assurity in their behaviour. The individual can notice an increase in their patience, clarity for thinking, less confusion, and even a decline in fearfulness or anxiety.

It is generally assumed that those individuals whose birthcharts have the Moon placed with either Rahu or Ketu mustn’t wear a pearl. But we can only be sure after a thorough examination of the Kundali itself.

One can find a variety of pearls and in multiple colours in the market these days. Identification of an authentic pearl is essential to avoid the commonly encountered fraudulent sales. A real pearl seems wholesome and solid to the touch, and may not have a perfectly round shape. It can be slightly elliptical, leaning more towards an oval. Its weight is substantial as well. In its stead, plastic/synthetic pearls are perfectly round and featherweight. Upon observing, you may find them to be of uniform size and shinier. Another kind, the artificial or altered pearls is familiar. These are said to be grown with organic shells and brought into contact with substances that would encourage the creatures inside to produce more pearls. Though there’s a natural process involved, we can see an element of interference and exploitation of life.

Once we procure the pearl to our liking, the question follows, “Which material should it be placed in?”. Truth be told, there’s no mandate on enveloping it in silver. It varies per the Kundali, and only an astrologer can determine if the person needs the fire element (agni tatva) or water element (jal tatva). If they need strength along with mental stability, or courage, or any other reason for the application of the agni tatva, only then must one engulf the pearl in gold. But if the fiery nature is present already, silver can help bring it under control, as silver is governed by the Moon.

After the metal, we come to the choice of the finger. A pearl ring is worn on the pinky, right for the men and left for the women. But I agree more with the system I learned from my Guru; the pearl must be worn as a pendant-necklace. A ring-enveloped pearl may be through the touch of others (voluntary or not), polluted. If the sanctity of the pearl cannot be maintained, how can it safeguard a sensitive thing such as our mind? This is why wearing it around the neck is better. The rule of choosing the metal applies here as well.
If wearing a pearl is reccomended, it must be authentic, white and possibly worn around the neck.


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