Every person wishes positive outcome of his/her actions, work, events, or rituals. That’s the reason many of us do activities by Muhurta to support our fortune. But do you think that a one-time slot is beneficial for everyone? Is success assured by only electing an auspicious day and time?

An auspicious time elected from Panchang (Vedik Calendar), according to the nature of the activity by comparing that timeline with the Kundali of a person is called Muhurta.

The Muhurta period maximizes the chances or positivity of the result if it is predicted in the birth chart.

There are different combinations of Panchang elements suggested by our sages for all different events/rituals.

Many people go only with the ready reckoner mentioned in Panchang. But everyone has to remember that the Muhurta has to be elected only after comparing it with the birth chart.

Electing a Muhurta doesn’t mean that choosing one of the auspicious days and times will work for everyone. Here the birth chart of an individual should be considered a higher priority.

Muhurta is elected by looking into the birth chart of that person. The first step is to confirm whether the event is there in his/her destiny or not by reading the birth chart. If the event can be confirmed from the birth chart, then comes the Mahadasha and Gocher system in the second step which indicates the time period for the native in when the event can take place.

After this comes to the Muhurta as the final step. This means from multiple auspicious dates and times one has to choose the most suitable for the native’s birth chart.

In Kundali there is a total of 12 houses out of which few are considered inauspicious/bad houses. While electing Muhurta 2 Kundalis are to be made, one is the native’s birth chart and the second is of the elected time as Muhurta (Gocher). So the rule of thumb is the main house (Lagna or Karyesh bhava) of the Muhurta chart should not be the same as inauspicious houses from native’s birth charts, else the task/event may not benefit and could give negative effects on the native’s life.

Hence it is advised to elect a suitable Muhurta for auspicious ceremonies/poojas like Marriage ceremonies, Gruha Pravesh, Inaugurations, Lakshmi Poojan, etc, where the native is expecting positive results of the actions.


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