No, it is a science that computes outcomes through objective and precise calculations. Each person is unique and so are planetary positions at the time of their birth. It would be a misstep to believe that weekly newspaper astrology would apply to millions born in that particular sign. Vedic Shastra has been in practice for ages, with numerous studies being recorded and proven by scholars. Astrology is no magic; it is a combination of mathematics and astronomy that has the ability to read past as well as future.

The original date, i.e. the one on which you were born is to be provided.

You can state the approximate time at which you were born. The astrologer can find the exact Kundali by a tool called birth rectification. By giving the date (and time, if possible) of major life events, like marriage, job appointment, purchase of property, accident, etc. to the astrologer, this tool can be used. Like reverse engineering, birth rectification traces back the birth time with the help of events that took place after it. Hence we can get one’s birth time from their marriage date, the day they started a business/got a job.

A horoscope/kundali is the blueprint of the planetary positions at the time of birth of an individual. It is studied mainly for reasons like predicting future events and getting guidance for making important decisions.

Many a time, decisions are taken on a whim and it brings despair if they do not bring fruitful results. When one has to make big decisions like choosing a career, starting a business, or marriage, it is better to look at the probabilities of its success.

When actions are planned according to the current transit most suitable to the native’s kundali and mahadasha, they can increase chances of success. This specific time arrangement is called Muhurta. The astrologer elects a muhurta from the panchang that would be the most beneficial as it takes into consideration the nakshatra as well as planetary effects for the individual himself.

Vedic Astrology has many branches, namely Hora, Jamini, Nadi, Palmistry, Krishnamoorthy, etc. Hora Shastra is the foundation of Vedic astrology, other systems borrow root principles from it. Just because one astrologer used Palmistry and the other used Hora, the results would not vary. The result derived by either system of astrology remains the same as one’s eventual destiny is unchangeable.

Both of the occupations stem from the Vedic school of knowledge but there’s a difference many of us fail to notice; they are two separate branches. Pandits specialize in religious rituals whereas Astrologers are experts in making predictions based on planetary positions.

Pandits match kundlis for marriage, only using gunas chart from panchang and fix muhurta. Whereas, the bride and groom’s kundalis should be compared before looking at the guna-milan score.

This is a very generic approach, quite parallel to believing the newspaper horoscope. An astrologer should be consulted because they can compare individual kundalis and predict the compatibility based on their personality, longevity of the marriage, progeny etc.

The division of Vedic Astrology that acts as a guideline for this is called the Prashna shastra. It states that questions should be phrased with specificity; asking “how will my career be?” is very generic, and the astrologer cannot summarize your life by having one look at your kundali. A thorough study must be made before the questions are answered and such a vague question could take more than 12 different domains. A specific question on the other hand, like “should I start a business or continue my job?” is easier to analyse.

Due to the complexity of the prediction process, an astrologer is permitted to take only 3-5 questions in a single sitting (as gochar changes every 2 hours). Instead of asking generic questions, those that provoke your curiosity or need to be solved soon should be given priority. It is advisable to stick to one topic, e.g. marriage, career, finance, job, and phrase your questions under the same topic. For instance, if one chooses ‘career’, they can ask the field that would suit them the best, when they would get employment, if the job would be close to home or abroad.

Medical Astrology is a field of science that specialises in studying the native’s health and diseases. Similar to how the 12 bhavas can help us determine the events of a person’s life, they can also tell us about their medical history. Each bhava is allotted an organ and an astrologer can determine the nature of the problem based on the planetary positions. Based on the vaata, kafa, and pitta elements, medical astrology can tell the kind of disorders an individual is prone to. It can be certain in locating the root of the medical issue and also determine if the treatment being given is going in the correct direction.

Apart from the fact that both were born in Vedic literature, they are not exactly the same. Medical astrology can be a guide to the nature of the problem and its locus whereas Ayurveda is a pharmaceutical science that contains recipes to cure the disorders. The latter deals with remedies while the former is only a torchlight. Medical Astrology, in collaboration with any remedial discipline (Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda), can help an individual keep their health in check.

Like the prediction of life events, the chances of a certain disorder occurring can also be predetermined in Medical Astrology. Hence the native can be aware beforehand and take care of the concerned organ to avoid the disorder.

No, but sometimes there can be very minute changes in these two charts. It depends on which Ayanamsa system (sidereal system) the astrologer and the software is using. Ayanamsa system (sidereal system) is a measure of the transit of planets through the signs and constellations using the latitude and longitude for each place on earth.

Mantra chanting and shanti / havan are the primary methods of suggested remedies, followed by suggestions of wearing particular gemstones.

Mantras help clear the mind of worries and enhance the positive vibes around the chanter. It can help to develop an optimistic approach and resilience towards problems being encountered.

Gemstones are much more complex to apply than they appear; the type of gemstone and the metal it is encased in matters just as much as the positioning. To some natives, gemstones may be expensive hence mantra chanting is what i recommend.


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Disclaimer: Astrological services are based on information given by clients and the Astrologer (author) is not liable and responsible for any correctness of analysis or any loss occurred due to the analysis as the same is given basis on the planet status as of the day of prediction.

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