Connection of Durva and Lord Ganesh

The word Durva is derived from the words duhu and avamDurva brings the distant pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of God closer to the devotee.

According to mythology once, a demon named Analasura caused havoc in the heavens. He emitted fire from his eyes and destroyed whatever came in his way. All the demi-gods fled and sought Lord Ganesh’s help against the demon. Ganesh assured them that He would finish off the demon and restore peace.

In the battlefield, Analasura started attacking Lord Ganesha with fireballs and eventually tried to gulp him down. At that moment, Lord Ganesh showed him in His original form of ‘Virat Roop’ and swallowed the demon, instead.

This gave Him a strong burning sensation in his stomach. When all else failed to provide Him relief, finally, a few sages came with 21 Durvas and they offered it to Him. After eating the Durvas, miraculously, the heat evaporated! Thus, it became one of His favorite food items. Then onward it became a part of ritual to offer Lord Ganesh a bunch of 21 or 11 durva grass. It is due to the release of the deity’s principle through the Durva, the adverse effect of the raja-tamo guans predominant principles in the environment is reduced.

The Durva grass with 3 or 5 leafs (blades) are called Durvankur. Durva grass blades are always thin. The other grass which has broad blades are not Durva. Durva should be offered in a set of 21 or 11 or 51 to Lord Ganesh after dipping it in to the water. While offering the set or the bunch always remove the thread or rubber band tied at the bottom of the Burvas.

II Ganpati Bappa Morya II

Chant below 10 mantras while offering Durva to Lord Ganesh

ॐगणाधिपायनमः ॐउमापुत्रायनमः
ॐविघ्ननाशनाय्नमः ॐविनायकायनमः
ॐईशपुत्रायनमः ॐसर्वसिध्दिप्रदायनमः
ॐएकदंतायनमः ॐइभवक्त्रायनमः
ॐमुशाकवाहनायनमः ॐकुमारगुरवेनमः


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