Saturn – Raja Vikramaditya


One day Saturn came to Raja Vikramaditya and said “I am about to influence your future to teach you some principles of life. To gain something first you have to make yourself capable of it and for that you may have to suffer in your life. So king, be ready for the lessons”. The king said, “Whatever be my luck, I shall face it”.

After some days, a merchant offering beautiful horses came to Ujjain, the capital of Vikramaditya’s empire. The courtiers praised the horses and requested that the king visit. Upon arriving, he took a fancy for a particular horse and climbed on the saddle. The horse took to heels try however he may, but fled into the forest, with none to accompany or follow the king. Far off, where no one knew him, desperate with hunger and thirst, he sought refuge in the house of a rich merchant. The merchant allowed him in his house with goodwill.

At night, Vikramaditya saw that a pearl necklace hung on a peg, and got swallowed by it. The next day when the merchant found the necklace missing, he reported the matter to the kotwal who got king Vikramadiya’s hands and legs cut. The king was then left helpless. An oil crusher took pity on him and employed him to sit on the crusher and oversee the bull. Vikramaditya used to sing. One day, the princess of the kingdom heard him and got charmed. She sent her maidens to find out the singer and decided to marry him. Her parents tried their best to convince her otherwise but to no avail. On the nuptial bed, the king dreamt of Lord Shani who told him that his suffering was a result of him belittling the god himself. He asked for pardon and sought his blessings. The king (Vikramaditya) then narrated his story of woe to his bride. Saturn blessed the couple to lead a happy married life and restored his limbs. The rich merchant invited them to his house and there in the presence of everyone, they saw that the lost necklace was oozing out from the peg. All were surprised. The merchant felt ashamed and asked his pardon and offered his daughter to Vikramaditya in marriage. Then Vikramaditya and his two brides went in procession to a rousing reception in Ujjain.


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