Poorna Kalash

Be it Satyanarayan Pooja, Gruha Pravesh, Marriage, Office Inauguration Pooja, etc. all the ceremonies share a commonality: the Poorna Kalash


Poorna Kalash is pre-eminently a Vedic motif in existence from the Rigvedic period. It is also called Soma-Kalasha, Chandra-Kalasha, Indra-Kumbha, Purnaghata, Poorna Virakamsya, Bhadra ghata, or Mangala ghata. It is referred to as “overflowing full vase” (poorno-asya Kalasha) in the Vedas. 


The Poorna Kalash is the centre of worship in all Hindu rituals. A traditional vessel (pot) made of copper/brass/sliver filled with water, with a Swastik drawn in Kumkum, mango leaves arranged in a circular pattern even partially dipped, and a coconut on the top. All this constitutes the Poorna Kalash.


Poorna Kalash symbolises abundance, wisdom, and immortality. It represents the divine form of Lord Vishnu. It is equated to the Amrit Kalash which emerged from the legendary Samudra manthan. 


The metallic vessel is symbolic of the earth and the womb, which nurtures and nourishes life. The water inside represents the life-giving ability of nature. The mango leaves are associated with Kama, the God of love, symbolize the pleasure aspect of fertility. The coconut, represents prosperity and power. 


Poorna Kalasha is also associated with the five elements or the chakras. The base of the vessel represents the earthy element – Prithvi Tatva; the expanded centre of the vessel is of watery element – Jal (Aap) Tatva; the neck of the vessel represents fire element – Agni Tatva; the opening (mouth) of the vessel is of airy element – Vayu Tatva, and the coconut and mango leaves possess the aether element – Akasha Tatva. The top of the coconut symbolizes (Shira) Sahastrar chakra and the base of Kalash (Moola) indicates the Muladhar chakra.


I hope this information helped and you will remember the significance of the Poorna Kalash in your next holy rituals.


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