Why we light a Diya in the evening

Why we light a Diya in the evening

In the days before the advent of electricity, the evening meant darkness and the diya was the primary source of light. It was lit in the house altar to brighten the entire room, and accompanied with prayer for radiating positivity.

We associate light with knowledge, and see it as the destroyer of darkness and ignorance. Logically, light brings positivity because it decreases the fear and uncertainty caused by the dark. The quality of chaitanya can be explained as awareness or consciousness- characteristic of the spiritual form of God. A diya also possesses chaitanya, focussing our awareness on our surroundings.

This very awareness leads to learning, through which we accomplish our goals. Without knowledge it is impossible to make one’s way in the world. Bowing down to the lamp is also showing gratitude for knowledge.

Why not to light a bulb or tube light?

That’s a fair question, after all our goal is to rid the house of darkness, right? However, the traditional oil lamp has a further spiritual significance. The oil (or ghee) in the diya symbolizes our vasanas (deep-rooted rash desires) and the wick represents the egoistic impurities. When lit by the flame of pure knowledge, the vasanas slowly get exhausted and the egotism also perishes.

The fire element (agni) is the emblem of the Sun, the giver of life and energy. The flame (jyoti) always burns upwards, indicating the strength to withstand obstacles; it asks us to take the higher road and keep learning to reach the ideals we put before our eyes. The jyoti serves as a beacon of hope and faith.

Allow yourself the time to spend some time with the divine and let the silent conversation flow, for the lamp will be a witness to them.


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