Part 8 - Naadi Kuta (Goona Milan)

Naadi is the last and most important Kuta in the series of Ashtakuta. From the 36 Goonas or points of Ashtakuta maximum points contributed by each Kuta are 01 by Varna Kuta, 02 by Vashya, 03 by Tara Kuta, 04 by Yoni Kuta, 05 by Graha Maitri Kuta, 06 by Gana Kuta, 07 by Rashi Kuta and 08 by Nadi Kuta. 


Naadi was meant to mainly show the success of marital life and provide an insight about the progeny in the future. To understand its significance in our life and how it affects us, Astrology is the best medium, whose systems are designed to be friendly to the layman.


There are three kinds of Nadi – Adya Naadi, Madhya Naadi, and Antya Naadi. Each of these has been assigned to one of the 27 Nakshatras. Each Naadi claims 9 Nakshatras, hence out of 27 Nakshatras 09 fall under Adya Naadi, 09 under Madhya Naadi and 09 under Antya Naadi.  Adya Naadi represents Vaata (air) element. Madhya Naadi represents Pitta (fire) element. Antya Naadi represents Kapha (water) element. 


The three Naadi types were derived from the qualities, characteristics and biological patterns of the Nakshatras, and each type was associated with a particular bodily fluid called Tridosha (Vaata/Kapha/Pitta). These fluids are present in every human body but one is more influential than the other two. The combination of the Nakshatra and the Tridosha balance define Physiological health as well as the behaviour of a person. Based on this, the genealogy system was studied and salient factors begetting a healthy child were laid out by our sages. 


The house in the birth chart where the Moon is placed in the Nakshatra explains the type of Naadi applicable to the native. The only rule for marriage matching in Naadi Kuta is that the Naadi of Bride and Groom must not be the same like Adya-Adya or Madhya-Madhya or Antya-Antya. The Naadi of both Bride and Groom should be different to score points under this Kuta. 


When the Naadi of both Bride and Groom are the same then Ek-Naadi Dosh forms. Few antidotes are given in case of Ek-Naadi Dosh. The Dosh is nullified if Bride’s and Groom’s Nakshatra are same but in different Pada (Charan) or Same Nakshatra but in different Rashi or Same Rashi but in different Nakshatra.


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